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The double pendulum is a simple mechanical device that consists of two pendulums linked together. This device exhibits chaotic motion when forced from equilibrium. The double pendulum is particularly interesting because compared with many other chaotic systems (like the weather) it is extremely simple. The purpose of a double pendulum is to demonstrate chaotic motion. Our chaotic pendulums is truly fascinating to watch, are excellent discussion points, and also make wonderful wall art.

Why should you buy a chaotic pendulum.

  1. We offer a 110% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't like it, we'll provide a prepaid shipping label and refund your full cost, plus 10%.
  2. Quality, Precision, Design & Finish - All of our double pendulums have been designed for, and manufactured in a high precision productoin environment and are finished to perfection.
  3. Payment is quick and easy using paypal (you don't need to sign up for an account), and our products are shipped the same day so you can have your chaotic pendulum within 2-3 days of placing your order.
  4. Our existing customers love our product - See one of our many positive customer reviews below, this one from the MIT Space Systems Laboratory:
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"A chaotic pendulum has been hanging elegantly in my office for six months now and attracts quite a lot of activity. The simple design and strong build have made it an invaluable classroom demonstration tool for classical mechanics and chaotic dynamics. At the same time, its robustness allows us to subject it to countless ingenious experiments, for research or simply curiosity, from electrically charging each of the pendulum arms to devising stabalizing control of its inverted configuration. The pendulum has been both a truly great source of inspiration and a precious teaching aid."
Christophe Mandy, Research Assistant, MIT Space Systems Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.



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